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Updates from the NC General Assembly and Governor’s Office 6-17-22


Brooks Pierce Capital Dispatch
Updates from the NC General Assembly and Governor’s Office

June 17, 2022

Legislators continued work on the budget bill this week and considered other bills on various topics. Although the end of the 2022 session may be a few weeks away, it is uncertain whether bills on a number of notable topics will be considered.

State Budget Bill

With July 1 and the beginning of FY 23 approaching, legislative appropriation leaders have been meeting behind closed doors working on the details of a state budget bill. If a new budget bill is enacted, it would alter the two-year budget (S.L. 2021-180) enacted in November 2021, which covered both FYs 22 and 23. It appears the bill will surface as a conference committee report that has been agreed to in advance by the two chambers and cannot be amended. Some legislative leaders have indicated that the bill could surface as early as the week of June 27.

Significant Bills Still Pending

Legislative leaders have announced a goal of adjourning the 2022 session by early July. Prior to adjourning, a number of bills with significant support are pending. Among those bills are:

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